Life Coaching for Equestrians

finally2getherLife Coaching for Equestrians is life coaching specifically designed to help you with your life with your horse.  As an equestrian myself, I understand what it takes to be a “horse person”.  Time, money, commitment, passion – being involved in the horse world is often a complex lifestyle that can be misunderstood by outsiders, even our loved ones.  Through questions, exercises and active listening, I will help you find the right direction for you and your horse without ever even seeing your horse.  Whether you are looking for solutions to concrete problems, clarity in a muddled situation or simply motivation to realize your goals, life coaching can help you.

Why life coaching for equestrians specifically?

Having been involved in the equestrian world for almost four decades, I have seen the challenges of this world.  Even though horses bring joy to our lives, they often also bring stress and worry.  Owning a horse can subject you to a host of issues such as financial strain, strain on human relationships, time management problems, medical problems (yours or your horse’s), poor decision making, lack of motivation –  just to mention a few.  In some cases, you can even start feeling powerless/helpless in the one area of your life that is supposed to be the one thing that makes you feel good – horses!  Life coaching can help you find your way back to the happy place.

How is life coaching different than talking to a friend at the barn?

Life coaching will allow you to address any issues you have related to your horse or your equestrian life in a nonjudgmental environment.  Sometimes when we are too close to the problem, it is hard to see a solution.  It is especially hard when others close to us are offering advice.  People mean well, but when it comes to finding answers for your life, the only person with the answers is you.  Life coaching will help you find these answers through active listening, questioning and concrete exercises.

Does the life coach give me answers and solutions to my problems?

No. Only you have the answers to your own life.  Only when the answers come from within, can a person truly find motivation to move forward.  Sometimes the coach can broaden your horizon by introducing different options, but it is always you who is in control of your life, your thoughts and your decisions.  The coach will support whatever you decide and help you achieve your goals.

Can life coaching help me with my riding?

Absolutely.  Often when we are in the riding situation itself, it is hard for us to see clearly what we want or what is holding us back. Removing yourself from the situation and looking at it from the outside can help you gain incredible insight.  It is also a great opportunity to reassess your progress, redefine your goals and make a game plan for achieving those goals.

Can we do a life coaching session at the barn and include my horse?

Most definitely.  I prefer to meet for the first time human to human, but after the initial introduction I am open to working with you and your horse together.  If you are interested in riding training specifically, check out Riding with Connection.